Aquafitness for over 50's

EARLY BIRD FEES apply for some courses!

Increase your fitness and feeling of well being in a very sociable atmosphere with Aerobic type movements. We use a shallow pool, heated to 32 degrees during winter (lower during hot weather). So you’ll be nice, safe and cosy. And our tutor is patient and friendly, with plenty of experience.

The heated water supports your body and is gentle on the joints and muscles. Both beginners and advanced participants are welcome.

Above is a photo of the venue and the pool we use.

Health Fund Rebate
Did you know there is a possibility that you can get a rebate from your private health fund if you do one of our fitness or health related courses?

Some health funds will give you a rebate for exercise programs or health management programs that your doctor has prescribed to address or improve a specific medical condition. The health fund may ask you if the provider of the exercise program is qualified, the answer is that all of our tutors have either qualifications and or experience in the field in which they teach. Your medical practitioner may also be required to fill out a form provided by your health fund. Also it will depend on your level of coverage with your health fund.

Additionally the rules vary between health funds, therefore you would need to check with your health fund as to your eligibility, and also ask them what documentation they require.

$111 Limited inc GST
Aquafitness for over 50's

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Please be aware that whilst the pool we use is shallow in parts, in some parts it may go up to your shoulders depending on your height. The pool is heated to around 32 degrees.

If you enrol in this course this term, please note that due to tutor unavailability the last Aquafitness class will end in the last week of November, making it 7 sessions instead of 8.
However the tutor will endeavour to find a space for you in another existing class to makeup for the 8th session. She will discuss this with you once the course starts.

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If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Best aqua fitness tutor ever. She makes it interesting and engaging. Tonga is very energetic.
  • Working out in WARM water is the most wonderful thing and doing it to music is as close to dancing that I'm going to get at 77!
  • The enthusiasm and creative approach of Tonga to our sessions. She mixes up the exercise regime and has introduced a dance routine in the water. Tonga makes it fun while being healthy.