Ayurveda for good diet and health

"Enjoyed the slides, very interesting, good use of herbs on display. Thoroughly enjoyed the course."

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medical system with a wholistic approach towards health and disease. It emphasises that the body, mind and senses function in coordination and contribute to health when they are in balance. Diseases set in when the balance is lost.

Proper eating habits and lifestyle management based on one’s individual body constitution are most important in preventing diseases and correcting the imbalance.

An improper diet and lifestyle can be a significant setback to maintaining good health and the reason behind many illnesses. Depending on individual body constitution, certain foods and preparations are suitable while others are not. Through this 1 day workshop, participants can understand how to:
a) Recognise their own individual body constitution
b) tailor their diet and lifestyle on an individual basis and maintain good health

Course Objective: To maintain physical and mental health, and to prevent common ailments by following a proper lifestyle suiting the individual which includes diet, use of herbs and spices in the diet and as a home remedy, relaxation methods through Yoga and benefits of oil massage.

Course content –
1. Diet – the importance of choosing appropriate foods to maintain health and nutrition suiting the individual body constitution.
2. Kitchen herbs and spices –in culinary use and as home remedies
3. Relaxation methods by simple yoga techniques
4. Benefits of external application of oils for healthy skin, bones and hair.

Topics covered-
*Assessing individual body type based on Ayurvedic principles
*Dietetic rules for proper digestion and nutrition.
*Introduction to various grains, lentils and pulses and their attributes.
*Introduction to commonly used herbs and spices and their appropriate use in combination with preparations of grains and lentils, in order to facilitate easy digestion.
*Choice of preparations for particular body types and selected recipes
*Stress management by simple yoga techniques

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