How to Become an Effective Board Member or Director

About the course

This course is for individuals already in a directorship role in a private entity or a not for profit organisation, or those aspiring to become a board member of director. It provides a framework illustrating the role of directors and officers with particular emphasis on new directors and officers or those sitting on smaller boards such as those of Not for Profit organisations and smaller entities.

The course will cover four (4) primary areas of directorship including:

  • The role of the director or officer
  • Board dynamics
  • Board operations
  • Documentation and quality control

The course runs over six (6) hours and covers:

  • Background to directorship
  • Who is a director or officer?
  • Role of the director
  • Types of directorships
  • Legal considerations
  • Financial considerations
  • Duties and mandates
  • Good corporate governance principles
  • Charters and terms of reference
  • Mechanics and meeting operations
  • Documentation, control and development
  • Case studies
  • Summary and end

By the end of the course attendees will gain a better understanding of:

  • The role of directors and officers
  • How to manage the role and its obligations
  • Working with other directors
  • Maximising efforts and productivity
  • Protecting the director and good governance

Tutor Profile

Dr. Mo Kader
PhD (Kassel), MBA (CSU)

Dr. Mo Kader is the Managing Director of Consultica Worldwide, a management consulting company providing advice to local and international companies on strategic decision making, compliance auditing and quality assurance systems. Mo Kader’s experience includes work experience in the role of Senior Management to executives, including Academics in several Australian higher education institutions. Mr. Kader is also a Certificate Human Resources Professional (CAHRI).

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