Crocheting to calm

Crochet is a great way to calm the mind, while being creative. Learn the basics of crocheting in this course. See the latest trends. Explore the stitches, learn how to start and finish and what are the correct tools to use.

Absolute beginners will be introduced to tools and yarns to use, how to read a pattern and do basic stitches. We’ll look at the trends in crochet and share some patterns to get you started, or refresh your knowledge if you are coming back to crochet and reignite your enthusiasm. The health benefits of craftwork are well known with the bonus of making something beautiful for yourself or as a gift. Students will take home some samples or start a simple project in class.


  • Learn which tools and yarns are appropriate for project. Learn to read pattern and understand how to form stitches correctly and neatly to complete project.
  • Make small samples of several stitches
  • Begin small project with basic stitches
  • Learn where to explore for trends, patterns and ideas for future projects

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.