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Cupcake Flower Bouquet

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Cupcake Flower Bouquet
Leonie Merheb
$79 inc GST
There are places available
Open Details

Early Bird Fee: Valid to 4th October 2017. Price will then rise to $106!

The list of materials you will be required to bring is supplied below

Learn how to make a lovely cupcake bouquet which is beautiful and unique. Sure to impress your family, friends and colleagues, a cupcake bouquet makes a wonderful gift or centrepiece for any occasion.

• Learn how to prepare your cupcakes and flower pot, ready for construction of the bouquet.
• Pipe with a variety of piping tips to acheive different flowers.
• Learn about the different types of gap fillers you can use, and create your own.

• To create a beautiful flower bouquet using mini cupcakes and buttercream, and gain the skills to be able to replicate at home.

Please bring the following:
• $15.00 to cover the cost of materials supplied by the tutor. This includes: tin, foam ball, transport box, 2 disposable piping bags, 2 small couplers, 2 piping tips (#80 and #32)
• Sugar Glue
• Craft Mat or board
• Corn Flour Pouch (this is corn flour in a chux cloth)
• Small Rolling Pin
• 30 mini cupcakes.
• 500g butter cream (2 different colours)
• Large spoon (for mixing up your butter cream)
• Spare bowls for mixing & colouring butter cream if purchasing from me.
• 100g green fondant (or a contrasting colour to your butter cream)
• Packet of Toothpicks.
• Leaf Cutters (if you have some)
• Chux or small cloth
• Paper towel
• Small freezer bags (for piping bags)

If instead you would like to purchase any items then please let the tutor know prior to the class so that she can bring it along. Orders should be placed at least 3 days prior to the course via email:

Bakels Ready-To-Use Butter Cream (2kg) - $16
Chefmaster Colour Gels - $4 each or $40 / 12pk (multi colours)
Americolor Colour Gels - $5 each

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