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Candle Making Class Mother’s Day!

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join the waiting list.

Candle Making Class Mother’s Day!
$¤,120 inc GST
There are places available
Open Details

If you want to do this course with your mum we offer 50% off for your mum.

Surprise your mum on Mother’s Day! What mum doesn’t like candles, or should we say what mum doesn’t like a thoughtful gift, handmade with love? For the first time we are offering a Mother’s Day candle making class for you to learn to make a unique, non toxic and special candle to show your love. Each participant will leave with candles they made! Please be aware weather can affect how fast candles set so class may finish up to an hour later. Morning tea or brunch provided. No Concession.

Learn from the Master! Australia’s Candle chef Renna with over 20 years experience.
Whether you are interested in making candles for the markets, fun, retail or give aways, this is the perfect way to get started.

Come and enjoy a day of fun and informative workshop!

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