Semi-Naked Cake

A great course introducing the latest style of cake decorating with buttercream. The perfect entry level for any new cake decorator wanting a good starting point, or an existing cake decorator wanting to add a new technique to their existing skill set.

• Level the cake, cut into equal layers and prepare for stacking.
• Learn how to keep the layers stable.
• Learn about the variety of suitable icings and learn how to apply the buttercream to create the semi naked look.
• Apply roses and finishing touches to your cake.

• To create a Semi-Naked Cake using simple & easy techniques to be able to replicate at home.

Please bring the following:
• Cake Scraper Tool
• Ruler
• Decorating spatula
• 2 x Round Cakes (same size) – Please don’t cut or level the cake as this will be done in class.
• 750g Butter Cream (this is for a 6" cake). You will need more if your cake is larger.
• Cake board – same size as your cake
• Cake Board, at least 2 sizes larger than your cake. For example, if your cake is 6", you will need an 8" Cake Board.
• Cake box to fit your larger cake board.
• Large knife (preferably serrated or a bread knife)
• Spirit Level Tool (if you have one)
• Fresh roses or anything else you want to decorate the cake with.
• Garden cutters / secateurs / strong scissors (if using fresh flowers)
• Thick drinking straws (4)
• Floral Tape
• Small piece of cling wrap
• Chux or small cloth
• Paper towel
• Turntable / Lazy Susan
• Non-slip mat (if you have one)

If instead you would like to purchase any items then please let the tutor know prior to the class so that she can bring it along. Orders should be placed at least 1 day prior to the course starting via email:

Cake Scraper (standard) - $7
Cake Scraper (tall) - $12
Angled Cake Spatula (10cm) - $5
Angled Cake Spatula (20cm) - $12
Bakels Ready-To-Use Butter Cream (2kg) - $16
Florist Tape (white) - $6

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.