Customer Service Essentials

About the course

Great customer service is at the core of a successful business whether it is small or a large enterprise. This course will provide the skills required to make your clients feel welcome, manage the telephone while working in a reception role, create relationships with customers and address their needs. You will also learn how to handle customer complaints in a professional manner.

Learning outcomes

What are the essential qualities of a receptionist or customer service officer?

  • Telephone manner
  • The Sound of Your Voice
  • Presentation skills
  • Prompt service
  • Creating relationships with customers
  • Identify the Needs of your Customers, Guests or Clients
  • Addressing customer needs
  • How positive is your attitude?
  • Communicating Your Best Image
  • Body Language Checklist/Activity
  • Human Needs
  • Anticipate the Needs of Your Customers, Clients or Guests
  • Monitoring and reporting on service delivery
  • Skillful Listening
  • Customer Feedback
  • Saying the Right Thing
  • Relating to Customer, Clients or Guests
  • What can you do to Make Sure Customers Come Back
  • Making Sure Customers Return
  • Handling Complaints
  • Common Complaints
  • Satisfying Difficult Customers
  • Taking that One Extra Service Step
  • Exercising judgement to resolve customer service issues

Learning Strategies

Face to face classroom study led by a qualified and industry experienced trainer. Learning strategies include role play, demonstrations, lectures and classroom activities.

Materials needed

The trainer will use his/her resources, which include powerpoint presentation, case studies, demonstration videos etc. Students don’t need to bring anything other than a notebook and pen. They may choose to bring their laptop although it is not essential.

Further information

If you need to discuss the enrolment process or more information about the course, please feel free to contact our office on 02 96872072 or simply send an email to