Creative Writing - Beginners and Continuing

EARLY BIRD FEES apply for some courses!

Suitable for beginners and continuing students as the tutor will adjust to different levels. Tap into your creativity and learn the basics of crafting compelling fiction or narrative non-fiction, whether novel, memoir or short story forms, with a focus on dramatic writing, writing in scenes, and avoiding the common mistakes that sink most stories.

• Genres and Forms
• The Importance of 'Reading as a Writer'
• Writing Routines
• Creativity and Writing Exercises
• Drama: The Key to Story
• Plot and Structure
• Writing in Scenes
• Writing Craft: Point of View / Focalisation, Tense, Transitions, Showing & Telling, Specificity & Clarity, Common Mistakes.
• Characterisation
• Dialogue
• Editing & Revision
• Submitting Your Work for Publication and Working with an Editor
• Helpful Resources for Writers
• Q & A throughout on anything writing-related.

To arm students with knowledge and craft-based techniques they can apply to their own writing to help them produce publishable work.

Comprehending many of the readings and concepts taught requires strong English-language skills.

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Creative Writing - Beginners and Continuing

<p><p style="font-size: 90%; color: red;"> <strong style > EARLY BIRD FEES </strong style >apply for some courses! </p></p><p>Suitable for beginners and continuing students as the tutor will adjust to


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Please bring writing and note-taking materials, and samples of your work (if you have any).

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