Excel Introduction

About the course

This is an introductory course designed to take participants through the basics of Microsoft (MS) Excel and includes use and creation of simple spreadsheets and charts; how to create formulas, as well as working with functions and formatting techniques. Manual provided. On successful completion students will be awarded a Statement of Attainment for BSBITU212 Create and use spreadsheets from Certificate II in Business BSB20115. When you complete this course you might consider MYOB course. Before you enrol you must be able to create files and folders, open an application program, copy, rename, delete files, save, open and print a file.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, you should be able to -

Prepare to produce spreadsheets
1.1 Adjust workspace, furniture and equipment to suit own ergonomic, work organisation and work health and safety (WHS) requirements
1.2 Identify task purpose, audience and presentation requirements, and clarify with relevant personnel as required
1.3 Identify specific task requirements, including layout and delivery timeline, and clarify with relevant personnel as required
1.4 Select most appropriate application to produce spreadsheet, in accordance with available resources and organisational policies

Create simple spreadsheets
2.1 Ensure data is entered, checked and amended in accordance with organisational and task requirements, to maintain consistency of design and layout
2.2 Format spreadsheet using application functions; to adjust page and cell layout to meet information requirements, in accordance with organisational style and presentation requirements
2.3 Ensure formulae are used and tested to confirm output meets task requirements, in consultation with appropriate personnel as required
2.4 Use relevant help functions to overcome simple issues relating to spreadsheet design and production

Produce simple charts
3.1 Select chart type and design that enables valid representation of numerical data and meets organisational and task requirements
3.2 Create chart using appropriate data range in spreadsheet
3.3 Modify chart type and layout using formatting features

Finalise and present spreadsheets
4.1 Review and edit final spreadsheet and prepare for delivery in accordance with organisational and task requirements
4.2 Deliver document to relevant audience within designated timelines and in accordance with organisational requirements
4.3 Name and store spreadsheet appropriately in accordance with organisational requirements and exit application without data loss

Learning strategies

This course will be delivered in a classroom environment led by a qualified and industry experienced training. Learning methods will include face to face lecture, case studies, demonstrations, questions and answers

Assessment strategies

Assessment for this course will include both summative and formative through written questions and answers, observations and practical demonstration of knowledge and skills

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Assessments are made against units of competency.

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