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Make Handbag Style Gift Bags for Christmas

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

This course will show you how to make gift bags that look like handbags. We will be using double-sided patterned paper that require you to fold and cut. The sides are glued together and then handles and other embellishments are attached. These handbags can be filled with chocolates or any other desired gift. Perfect for Christmas or anytime!

• How to score paper using a score board.
• Learn how to fold paper correctly.
• Learn the best way to adhere paper together.
• Learn about double-sided tape and how to best use it.
• Learn about the use of embellishments.
• Learn how to use colour effectively.

• To build confidence in using papers.
• To increase your ability in cutting and folding papers to achieve the desired effect.
• To be able to produce a homemade gift that is something different.
• To stimulate your creative brain.
• To use craft as therapy when you are stressed or worried.

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