Murder by the Prosecution – More Wrongful Convictions and Controversial Cases

Back by popular demand: author, journalist, and TV presenter, Andrew L. Urban will be giving an update on the trials he discussed at his last session, such as the Sue Neill-Fraser case. Andrew will also be providing a book signing at the end of the course for those who wish to purchase his book, Murder by the Prosecution, which investigates this case and wrongful convictions.

However this course is still suitable for new people also, as Andrew will also be discussing new cases as well as focusing on his upcoming book which is about the Lin Family Murders. Robert Xie, a relative of the family, was found guilty of this horrific massacre.

Xie’s case is controversial, not just because it took four trials to convict him (his first two trials were aborted, and the third ended in a hung jury), but also when he was finally convicted on the fourth attempt it was still not unanimous. Instead it was an 11-1 majority verdict. Allowing such majority verdicts for murder is a recent development in our legal system, and some states do not allow them. Andrew will be discussing these, and the other controversies in the Xie case, that has led to Xie appealing his conviction. The appeal is set to be heard later this year.

Author, journalist, and TV presenter, Andrew L. Urban. Pictured to the right of Andrew are some of the infamous cases he examines.

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Course testimonials:

  • I enjoyed the welcoming/inclusive atmosphere. The troubling subject that innocent people are convicted is engrossing... evokes concern about justice - encourages finding out more . Look forward to any Andrew Urban updates.