Murder by the Prosecution

Join author, journalist, and TV presenter, Andrew L. Urban for a fascinating insight into the trials that became infamous in Australia.

Andrew’s newly released book, “Murder by the Prosecution” is a disturbing expose of wrongful murder convictions: Sue Neill-Fraser, Henry Keogh, David Szach and Gordon Wood.

Exposing the grave mistakes in Australia’s not-so-trustworthy criminal justice system, film critic turned activist journalist Andrew L. Urban recounts how his life is changed when he is drawn into the field of wrongful convictions after reviewing a documentary about the case of Hobart grandmother, Sue Neill-Fraser, convicted of murder – without evidence. As he probes further, he comes across other cases and finds police investigations marred by tunnel vision; lawyers flouting the rule of law chasing convictions; courts admitting inadmissible (and false) forensic evidence; the Crown withholding exculpatory evidence; and worst of all, prosecutors making up murder scenarios.

Andrew will also be providing a book signing at the end of the course for those who wish to purchase his book.

Author, journalist, and TV presenter, Andrew L. Urban. Pictured to the right of Andrew are some of the infamous cases he examines.

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