Payment Options

Payment Options

Payment must be made at the time of enrolment. You can pay by:

  • Credit Card (online or over the phone)
  • Cheque/money order (post or in the office)
  • EFTPOS (in the office ONLY)
  • Direct Debit (in the office ONLY) See below for more information:


PaySmart is a direct debit billing provider. You can arrange to make part payments of fees for courses if ALL the requirements are met below. These requirements are:

  • The course fee is more than $250 (Except for funded English classes where the fee of $80 is acceptable)
  • The course is longer than 4 weeks
  • You have an Australian bank account or credit card.
  • You are able to pay 30% of the course fee upon signing up. (Except for funded English classes where 25% is acceptable)
  • You are able to come in person to our office to sign up.

Application process:

1) Come in to our office during business hours
2) Select a course that meets the requirements above
3) Pay 30% of the total course fee
4) Complete our PaySmart form with one of our staff
5) Provide ID and your bank account or credit card details
6) Sign the form and show up for your course.

Call us on 9687 2072 or come into you our office if you have any questions or you wish to apply.


Safety comes first with your fees at PaySmart. All details are kept totally secure and confident and your fees are paid into thier trust ccount. And because data security is now a critical issue, PaySmart is Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant!
Affordability comes from paying in easy installments. With PaySmart direct debiting, you eliminate the need to pay all the cash up front, and you don’t have to constantly remember when to make your regular payments. Its the affordable way to pay.
Friendly assistance makes it simple. The college will help you complete the PaySmart form, and for any enquires, just ask us. Once you have become a “PaySmart payer”, their Customer Service Centre is alwaus ready to help.
Easy! Forget about cash or your cheque book. This is the easiest way to pay your fees. Just complete a PaySmart Authority Form, and they will do the rest for you.


The college is currently paying the Account set up fee and the debit admin fees for you!
You will only pay the cost of the course fee, provided you pay on time.
Defaults and other issues with paying on time will incur other fees. Visit PaySmart for more information or call them on 1800 801 797.

Please take note of our Refund policy as PaySmart applicants will be charged an additional administration fee if a refund or credit is approved based on your own changes to your circumstances.