Digital Photography for Beginners

EARLY BIRD FEES apply for some courses!

Take good pictures with your digital camera. Field Trips will be made including night time around Parramatta and other locations. You will learn about composition as well as other useful tips to take that great shot. Bring your digital camera (manual SLR is preferred). The course covers all the basic controls of a camera, e.g. lenses, filters, storage etc, and how to compose a picture. This is a beginners guide to photography.

Some of the course modules include; Set Up and getting it sharp, Composition, Light and Exposure, Action & shutter speeds, Aperture and depth of field and 3 x Night field trips.

$260 Limited inc GST
Digital Photography for Beginners

<p><p style="font-size: 110%; color: red;"> <strong style > EARLY BIRD FEES </strong style >apply for some courses! </p></p><p>Take good pictures with your digital camera. Field Trips will be made


Bring your digital camera (manual SLR is preferred).

Please note, if you don’t have your own camera the tutor has a few cameras available for rent, for a small charge. You will need to contact the tutor directly to organise this.

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • It was great to learn the different functions of my camera. Until now I had only used the auto mode, so a huge thank you to Zara. she was always ready to rescue me when I called "help". I especially enjoyed the Parramatta Park excursion as the majority of my photos are taken in the day. However it was also interesting to learn a bit about night photography.
  • The course itself: easy to follow and very useful.
  • This question is too difficult to answer, there is not a single issue that made the course so enjoyable. The course leader; Zara was incredibly patient with us, her knowledge is excellent and her ability to share that at a pace all of us could follow is superb. I said "I've got my money back" so many times during the 8 weeks that it became almost a clarion call for the class. I came to the course with an excellent knowledge of photography albeit from 40 years ago. I decided to take up the hobby again now that I have retired. The technology is dramatically different from 40 years prior and I was struggling with the new, digital equipment. This course has given me the knowledge and the confidence to enjoy my hobby again. I would certainly recommend the course and more particularly, Zara to anyone who wants to understand their equipment and their artistic flare more thoroughly. PS I am happy to give my permission for this feedback to be used in your marketing