Languages - Spanish Stage 2

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This course is designed for those students who have completed stage 1 Spanish or already know beginners Spanish and wish to learn more of the language. To make use of the basic structures already learnt or known with new vocabulary and grammar. Practice vocabulary and expressions that will enable you to communicate in many situations .

Please be aware that if you wish to learn Spanish, the language is the same regardless of whether the tutor comes from Spain or Latin America, naturally there will be variations in accent and different countries use different types of slang, however the actual language is the same. Our tutors do come from a variety of countries, often they mention this in their tutor profile (click on the tutor’s name to see their profile), but the language taught is always Spanish.

Great course for business travellers or for those working in the hospitality and tourism industries, for leisure travellers and those wishing to communicate better with relatives and friends.

• Understand what you read and hear
• Ask and follow directions
• Fill in forms and read timetables
• Express your feelings and desires
• Able to communicate widely

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Returning student because of Melie being a teacher. Quality!